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The Skanstec team are experts in engineering and delivering tailored solutions to you, our clients.

Specialists in Engineering

Skanstec is a specialist engineering company in the Energy & Telecommunications Sectors, we design, build and commission critical infrastructure in Power Grids & Communication Networks. We are a single-source solution to the end client by having the capability to deliver and manage the full life cycle of a project in both sectors.

For large energy demand customers such as datacentres or advanced manufacturing facilities, we bring power from the grid to the point of use. For generation or renewable energy customers such as Solar and Wind Developers we work in reverse, we bring power from the point of generation onto the power grid network.

In the telecommunications sector we focus on, fixed and mobile networks, such as fibre and 5G technology integration for large multinational global customers.

Our highly experienced engineering team deliver a vast range of services in the energy and telecommunications sector across the European market, and we have a proven track record in engineering solutions and project delivery. We mitigate risks and reduce costs for clients by taking ownership in engaging with stakeholders, managing project schedules, and value engineering to enhance solutions whilst maintaining industry standards. Our main market segments include turnkey projects, power substations, grid connections, power generation, temporary power solutions, fixed and mobile telecommunication networks along with maintenance & asset management.

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The Skanstec team are experts in engineering and delivering tailored solutions to you, our clients.

Meet The Team

We are a team of expert Engineers based in Europe, specialising in energy and telecommunications infrastructure. At Skanstec, we're driven by our core value of CARE, focusing on sustainability and tailored engineering solutions. Our commitment to clean energy and connectivity shapes a smarter, more sustainable future for generations to come.

Managing Director

Declan Wynne

As Founder and Managing Director, Declan leads the Skanstec Executive Management Team and sits on the company’s board. Declan has a strong Engineering background with dynamic business acumen and a human approach. Declan has over 20 years’ experience in the Engineering sector and has a passion for Engineering and sustainability.

The transition to a climate neutral society, coupled with the convergence of Digital Energy and Connectivity, inspired Declan’s vision for Skanstec to be a leading specialist Engineering company in the Energy and Telecommunication Sector with a focus on Decarbonisation and the Digital Transition.

Declan hold a Degree in Engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), including Level 9 Post Grads in Project Management and Coaching.


Luis Adolfo

Luís is an integral member of the Skanstec Executive Management Team and holds a principal position in the business.

With over 20 years of international experience in the engineering sector, Luís has a proven track record of leading high-performing teams to deliver complex, multi-disciplinary design and build engineering projects in multiple European countries.

He also possesses an ample experience in the internationalisation process of scaling a business, strategic planning and execution of business opportunities. His solid business acumen, coupled with engineering ability and strong commercial skills enables the unification of leadership teams to successfully deliver projects.

Luís holds a degree in Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering, including Level 9 Post Grad in Project Management.


Issa Chaaban

Issa is an executive Director based in the Nordic and Benelux region and is a key member of the Skanstec Leadership Team. Issa has excellent interpersonal skills and has successfully held principal construction management roles on many critical infrastructural projects across Europe. With a key focus on project delivery, Issa is instrumental is driving standards, managing risk and project deliverables, whilst meeting client expectations on a consistent basis.

Issa’s leadership skills and influence have a profound impact on the Skanstec’s positive culture, and the successful project delivery track record is reflective of his commitment to every project and client.

Issa is fluent in three languages and has a Civil Engineering Degree from Near East University Denmark and a Master’s in Architectural Engineering from Aarhus University Denmark, including Post Grads in Construction Technology, from Erhversakademiet Lillebælt, Odense – Denmark, and a Project Management Diploma from Technological University Dublin.

Finance Director

Kevin Gallagher

Kevin is a seasoned Chartered Management Accountant boasting 25+ years experience within the Energy, Engineering and Construction sectors.
Having held senior finance and commercial positions with organisations based across Ireland, Mainland Europe and the Middle East his international track record lends a valuable and progressive global perspective to his role as Finance Director of the Skanstec Group.

Overseeing the company’s accounting and financial operations Kevin is responsible for managing budgeting, financial reporting, cost control, risk management and regulatory compliance. He ensures that Skanstec decision making is informed and focused upon financial stability and sustainable long-term success.

People and Culture Manager

Dawn Meagher

Dawn is an experienced Organisational Psychology and HR professional with a broad experience base in Organisational administration. She has a CIPD and Psychological Society of Ireland Accredited MSc in Work and Organisational Psychology, PSI Accredited BA Psychology, BA(O) Combined Media, Diploma HR, BCMS, Prince 2, Psychometric Test User Assessment and various certifications.

She has done work for several start-up companies through development and growth phases and offers Skanstec support across multiple internal functions including Managing the People & Culture function, Brand and Internal Projects. Dawn is Secretary of The Lighthouse Club Construction Charity Irish Charter and represents Skanstec on the Steering Committee for Tipperary Skillnet.

Telecom Business Unit Manager

Célio Salgado

Célio started is professional career in Lisbon and has over 25 years’ experience in the Telecommunication industry. He has a broad balanced experience within the Telecommunication industry having previously held integral roles with industry leading businesses delivering various large-scale Telecommunication projects nationally and internationally. Célio holds a Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Post Graduation in Project Management.

Operations Director

Padraic Dunne

Padraic offers a wealth of experience in Operations Engineering and Management, with hands-on involvement in infrastructure and client critical projects. His global expertise spans various countries, adapting to diverse environments and standards. He is a trusted leader, inspiring excellence in his team to efficiently achieve project goals.

Padraic’s unwavering dedication ensures compliance and top-quality work, while his client-centric approach prioritises satisfaction and tailored solutions. Working with Padraic and the team means gaining a dedicated partner in your projects, with a focus on success, experience, leadership, and quality.

Head of Engineering and Design

Ryan Svejstrup Rud

Ryan is an experienced Engineer within the Energy and Industry markets. He has carried out several Data Center (Hyperscale and COLO), Industry and Utility designs, and taken them to construction. With a diverse background ranging from sales, Engineering and the military, Ryan always has a holistic view with the customer and end goal in focus. Despite Ryans Civil Engineering background, he has a comprehensive understanding of the full Engineering field. Ryan holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering Degree, Seargeant First Class and Advanced Project Management training. Ryan is senior leadership for the Nordic Market and is Head of our Engineering and Design department.

Interface Manager

Rory Hannick

Rory is an accomplished Chartered Engineer with over 20 years of experience in the Civil Engineering and energy sectors. He has been actively involved in all stages of major Civil Engineering and has experience working in Consultant, Local Authority and Contractor roles. Over the last 11 years of his career Rory gained valuable experience in the Design and Build of EBOP Windfarms, HV and MV Substations and Datacentre power. He is known for his excellent teamwork, collaboration and project management skills and has a proven track record of completing the most challenging and complex projects on time, within budget while also exceeding the client’s expectations.

Quality Manager

Anne Mallen

Anne has a wealth knowledge covering industries from technology, office management to construction. She has worked in a quality capacity in the construction industry for over 10 years on projects including, data centres, pharma and residential. Anne is known for her positive attitude which enables her to be a super role model and mentor, viewed by her peers as a great quality ambassador. She holds diplomas in; Quality Management, Education Practices and Management and Employee Relations. She also has a certifications in psychology and Internal Auditing amongst others. Anne enjoys learning and working collaboratively with clients and teams to continuously improve quality.

Finance Manager

Luis Rodrigues

Luis holds a Degree in Management and an MBA Business Management from the University of Porto Portugal. Luis has an exceptionally strong financial background, having started his career on the trading floor of the Lisbon Stock Exchange. He has over 20 years of invaluable experience in the financial sector having worked for some major banks including private banking.

Luis manages Skanstec financial resources, making informed decisions on capital allocation and risk management, account reconciliation control, account payables and receivables, and prepares all financial reporting for the business, providing insight to support the company’s growth and long-term sustainability.

Pre-Contracts Manager

Cathal Eagney

Cathal has over 15 years’ experience in the engineering and construction sectors. He is skilled in design management and has a rounded knowledge of preconstruction, project management and interface management having been a key member of multidisciplinary teams delivering large infrastructure projects in Ireland, UK and Nordics. He has worked as Design Team Project Manager with a leading International Consultancy and Project Interface Manager with Ireland’s largest Tier 1 Main Contractor. He has a passion for Off-Site and LEAN Construction Principles and  a deep knowledge and understanding of off-site manufacturing, assembly and logistics. Cathal currently leads Skanstecs’ Pre-Contracts Team.

Meet The Team

We are a team of expert Engineers based in Europe, specialising in energy and telecommunications infrastructure. At Skanstec, we're driven by our core value of CARE, focusing on sustainability and tailored engineering solutions. Our commitment to clean energy and connectivity shapes a smarter, more sustainable future for generations to come.

Our Values

We are passionate about sustainability and inspire excellence in our people – we own our words and our commitments. We help our partners and clients achieve their sustainability objectives and goals.


We care for ourselves, the people we work with, the community, and the environment. We listen to our people, our partners, and our customers. We empower our people to take the right steps to ensure workplaces are healthy and safe. We protect our natural environment and prioritise the health and wellbeing of our people.


We own our words, our actions, and our results. We lead by example and hold ourselves accountable first. We take ownership of our work and answer for our actions. We embrace the belief that achieving a healthy and safe environment starts with ‘me’.


We act with integrity and show respect. We show respect for each other`s values, differences, and contributions. We treat people with respect in our daily interactions – with each other, our customers, our partners, and our community. We honour our word.


We deliver and exceed expectations. We inspire excellence in our people and processes. We celebrate success and learn from mistakes in equal measure. We creatively approach challenging situations and obstacles, and achieve incredible things for our clients.

Our ESG Commitments

Carbon Neutrality Society

We work with clients, delivery partners, and stakeholders in designing and building renewable developments that will create clean energy and a carbon-neutral society for future generations. 

Ecological Footprint

We invest in reducing our emissions, whilst helping clients and communities to innovate and engineer for a reduced ecological footprint.

Embedding Sustainability

Substantially embedded in our culture, practiced on a daily basis throughout the organisation, and built into our Design, Engineering & Delivery.

Resource Efficiency

At Skantec, we are committed to responsible resource management, implementing strategies to optimise the use of materials and energy in our projects, minimising waste wherever possible.

No Matter What

Building a Culture of Care and Inclusivity

At Skantec, our culture is not just about business success; it’s about building a community that thrives on care, inclusivity, and social responsibility. We recognise that our strength lies in our diversity, our empathy, and our unwavering commitment to ethical conduct.

Employee Wellbeing

We create a safe environment both physically and mentally for our staff, delivery partners, supply chain, clients, and stakeholders. Our approach to wellbeing goes beyond mere policies; it’s embedded in our daily interactions and the way we treat each other. We interact with everyone in a human manner, recognising the unique value and dignity of each individual.

Diversity and Inclusion

Maintaining cultural and gender diversity is more than a focus at Skantec; it’s a core value. We actively work to lower bias and provide everyone an equal voice in an open, trusted environment. Our commitment to diversity is reflected in our teams, our leadership, and our approach to innovation. We believe that a diverse workforce fosters creativity and drives success.


We motivate everyone to speak and act with honesty and integrity. Our code of conduct is not just a document; it’s a living guide that shapes our decisions and behaviors. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of professionalism and responsibility, ensuring that we conduct our business in a manner that reflects our social commitment.

Community Engagement

At Skantec, our community engagement initiatives are not just corporate social responsibility activities; they are a reflection of our commitment to making a positive difference. Whether it’s through education, healthcare, or supporting local businesses, our community engagement is guided by empathy, collaboration, and a genuine desire to contribute to the greater good.

Skanstec’s Journey of Transparency and Dedication

Corporate Governance

The business growth strategy is built on standards, including strong corporate governance. We first achieve this through good practice and transparent processes. Secondly, we verify our commitments by involving world-leading, legal advisors, accounting companies and auditors, coupled with a board of directors that prides itself on accountability – a Skanstec core value.


Our reputation is built on our passion for excellence and our consistency in delivering industry-leading standards across the business, this is cemented by our certifications. We operate and maintain full ISO Certification for 9001, 14001 & 45001. Skanstec is an Engineers Ireland accredited CPD Employer, and we continually invest in the development and certification of our staff.

Sectors & Services

Bridging the Gap Between Energy and Telecommunications with Cutting-Edge Solutions, Tailored Engineering, and Unwavering Commitment to Quality.

Shape the Future with Skanstec

At Skanstec, we're more than just an engineering company. We're pioneers, innovating to create a connected and sustainable future. Our team is at the heart of our success, consistently delivering tailored engineering solutions in the dynamic convergence of clean energy and connectivity.

If you're passionate about making a difference and want to be a part of a company that values sustainability, excellence, and commitment, we want to hear from you. Dive into a world of opportunities and help us power the future

Empower a Sustainable Future with Skanstec. Let's Change The World Together.

Dive into the diverse sectors we excel in, from innovative energy solutions to cutting-edge telecommunications.

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