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Sustainability is embedded in our culture, practiced on a daily basis throughout the organisation, and built into our Design, Engineering & Delivery.  We are committed to responsible resource management, implementing strategies to optimise the use of materials and energy in our projects, minimising waste wherever possible. Our culture is not just about business success; it’s about building a community that thrives on care, inclusivity, and social responsibility. We recognise that our strength lies in our diversity, our empathy, and our unwavering commitment to ethical conduct. The business growth strategy is built on standards, including strong corporate governance. We first achieve this through good practice and transparent processes. Secondly, we verify our commitments by involving world-leading, legal advisors, accounting companies and auditors, coupled with a board of directors that prides itself on accountability – a Skanstec core value.  

Skanstec embraces its role in nurturing sustainability, by partnering with the Supply Chain Sustainability School. This partnership is a clear demonstration of the company’s intrinsic commitment to minimising its ecological footprint and championing social responsibility.

Skanstec proudly stands as a Founding member of the Supply Chain Sustainability School of Ireland. We recognise that to drive meaningful change, we must harness comprehensive knowledge and tools. The Supply Chain Sustainability School, renowned for its exhaustive training modules, offers exactly that. Through active participation and learning, Skanstec not only refines its sustainability efforts but also stands at the vanguard of evolving sustainable practices.

Aligning strategy with sustainability doesn’t merely spotlight Skanstec’s environmental and social efforts but also safeguards the longevity and ethical stature of the business. Prioritising sustainable practices and implementing learned strategies from the School, the company navigates through the intricate landscape of global business with a responsible and forward-thinking approach.

The collaboration between Skanstec and the Supply Chain Sustainability School encapsulates more than a partnership. It symbolises a shared journey towards a future where business operations transcend profit, embodying a genuine care for our planet and its inhabitants.

With this, Skanstec doesn’t just participate in the sustainability dialogue; it shapes it, aspiring to pilot an era where sustainability is not an option but a fundamental, unwavering commitment. In summary, Skanstec, hand in hand with the Supply Chain Sustainability School, is on a path to create a sustainable future by continuously learning, adapting, and implementing sustainable practices for the betterment of our planet and future generations.

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