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Skanstec Engineering is proud to be a founding partner of the Supply Chain Sustainability School- Ireland. This partnership enabled Skanstec to solidify our commitment to sustainability, education, and collaboration within the Irish engineering industry.

Skanstec Engineering and 14 other Founding Partners attended the launch event on January 24th in Croke Park marking the beginning of a transformative journey towards a more sustainable future.

Skanstec aspires to play a key part in transforming the industry. As part of our core ethos Skanstec Engineering are steadfast in our determination to contribute to a more sustainable future. For Skanstec Engineering, the principles of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) are ingrained in daily operations, with active investments in emission reduction initiatives and collaborative efforts for a diminished ecological footprint. Sustainability underscores everything we do, right through our supply chain we believe in positively contributing to the communities and environment in which we operate.

This partnership with Supply chain sustainability school Ireland furthers our commitment to increase our sustainable practises operationally and culturally.

By aligning with the Supply Chain Sustainability School, Skanstec Engineering are furthering our commitment to nurturing a community rooted in care, inclusivity, and social responsibility, reinforcing our identity as a forward-thinking industry leader.

As a founding partner of the Supply Chain Sustainability School, Skanstec Engineering actively contributes to the establishment of a sustainable community within the engineering industry, aiming to foster an environment that prioritises sustainability while promoting education and collaboration. This partnership represents a significant step in the future for the Irish engineering industry, as Skanstec leads positive change, advocates sustainable practices, and contributes to building a more eco-friendly landscape.

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